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I need to get serious on Work and Exercise...

2014-03-10 15:02:11 by OtakuDanny

I need to get serious on working on my projects and losing the weight. :| But I made a Daily Schedule plan for myself. Here's what it is:

Monday(月曜日): Orby(オルビ)

Tuesday(火曜日): Orby(オルビ)

Wednesday(水曜日): Read Wikipedia(ウイキペヂアを読む)

Thursday(木曜日): Watch/Read Tutorials(ウオツチ/読むチュートリアル)

Friday(金曜日): Orby(オルビ)

Saturday(土曜日): Orby(オルビ)

Sunday(日曜日): Help Mom & Dad(ヘルプママとパパ)

That's my daily schedule plan. As for Exercise, I'm gonna do it Monday-Friday.

Heck! I'll even use the daily planner that mom and I got. :D But for now, I need to get serious on working and exercising. :|


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